My name is Tim Rashid.                                           I'm a bassplayer.                                   And I fucking love climbing.

I'm proud to be part of the symphonic power metal band ALMANAC founded by Victor Smolski (Ex-Rage) in 2015. I joined two years later and played bass on the album "Kingslayer".

New album "Rush Of Death" OUT NOW!

Spheroid was founded in 2011 by myself and started as a one-man band playing drum'n'bass influenced music. I've released two albums on Bandcamp: "Twilight Areas" (2011) and "Skein" (2013). In 2015 Spheroid was joined by female singer Melody Ntem and the band is ever since a duo that released its first album "Center of Gravity" in 2018. "Center of Gravity" is an interstellar journey to the planet of downbeat, drum'n'bass and danceable electronic music.

The most important thing besides music in my life  is climbing. I'm working as a freelance climbing coach at Kletterfabrik Köln.

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